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29th Feb 2012 | by: Admin

The 2012 International UFO Congress was a whirlwind of presentations, gatherings, films and collaboration with researchers, skeptics and curious individuals. The Open Minds Update posted short wrap-ups of each day for those of you that were unable to attend to see some of what went on. More clips, videos and behind the scenes pictures will be posted within the following weeks. If you have pictures or videos from the conference you would like to share please email them to

February 22, 2012: Day One

February 23, 2012: Day Two

February 24, 2012: Day Three

February 25, 2012: Day Four

The 2012 UFO Congress DVDs are now available for purchase. You can pick up any of the presentations or panel discussions at the Open Minds store.T-shirts and other merchandise from the event will be available soon.

Thanks again for another great year – we will be opening up a survey for suggestions for the 2013 IUFOC later this week.

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  • Harris K. says:

    Who win in EBE Awards???

  • Hi Harris, I am working on a full wrap-up and as soon as the videos from the awards are uploaded I will post all the information about the movies and the winners…probably will be live Monday!

  • Harris K. says:

    Hi Maureen.
    I am an ufo recearcher from Greece and I expect your news about the conferance awards. Do not rush… and thanks for the answer!

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