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3rd Feb 2012 | by: Admin

Anne Strieber (left) and Whitley Strieber (right). (credit: John Anthony Miller)

We are grateful to have famous author Whitley Strieber along with his wife Anne Strieber joining us this year. They will be speaking to us on February 25, from 10:30 – Noon. The topic of their discussion will be Solving the Communion Enigma.

Strieber will be presenting material from his new book, Solving the Communion Enigma, which takes a radical new look both at his own close encounter experiences as well as the nature of the alien experience and human life itself. Whitley’s wife, Anne, who has read and catalogued thousands of witness accounts, will join Whitley to read a selection of these amazing documents, which go far beyond anything in the current UFO literature and illustrate the true mystery of contact.

Whitley and Ann Strieber will also be participants on the Friday night panel on February 24th: Who Are the Aliens? Expert Opinions with Yvonne Smith, Peter Robbins and Dr. Steven Greer. The panel will run from 5:30 – 7:00 P.M.

To register to hear Whitley and Anne speak visit: Conference Registration. Tickets will also be available for purchase at the door.

Whitley Strieber was a guest on Open Minds Radio on May 16, 2011. You can view the entire show here:

A Conversation With Whitley Strieber

This post by guest contributor Sean Casteel originally appeared on on January 20, 2012.

Whitley Strieber’s story is as complicated and enigmatic as the experiences he has so long grappled with and tried to convert into human language. It all started with the December 1985 encounter at his cabin in upstate New York, a nightmarish visitation that was the basis for his 1987 “New York Times” bestselling book, “Communion.” Strieber has more than once stated that he rues the day the book was published, as it has resulted in him going down a path that brings with it public humiliation and the mockery of both an unbelieving mainstream and even the UFO community itself.

Whitley Strieber with his book Solving the Communion Enigma. (credit: John Anthony Miller)
Nevertheless, he has written a new nonfiction book on his experiences, the first in many years, called “Solving The Communion Enigma” (Tarcher/Penguin, 2012), in which he reexamines his early encounters and juxtaposes them with the Big Picture, to include crop circles, animal mutilations and UFO sightings from around the world.

There are the usual locations and people present. The fondly recalled cabin in New York still plays a major role in his memories, though he was forced to sell it many years ago when post-“Communion” financial difficulties set in. Strieber’s devoted relationship with his wife Anne, who has played such a crucial a role in Strieber’s understanding of and coping with the bizarre turns his life has taken, is as always a prominent component of the stories he tells. It was Anne who sat and read the many thousands of letters from close encounter witnesses that the couple received after including a mailing address in the closing pages of “Communion.” If the experience was happening to so many people, how could it be a matter of Strieber hallucinating or suffering simple vivid dreams?

In the following interview, Strieber also speaks of encountering a man from “between the lives” who could manifest in Strieber’s home in both a physical body and as an awesome glowing presence. And then there are Strieber’s stories of the interaction of the dead with his mysterious visitors. There are numerous accounts of this phenomenon, some of which came from the aforementioned letters from readers, while other similar incidents happened to Strieber himself as well as to guests in his home. Strieber foresees a future time when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead will fall, and the dead will come to dwell among us in a physical form and become a normal part of everyday life. Like so much of what Strieber has to say about his experiences, the idea is both frightening and beautiful at the same time.

You can read the entire interview here: Whitley Strieber Interview

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