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Lamb-BarbaraBio: Barbara Lamb is a licensed psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and regression therapist in Southern California. She has counseled and regressed at least 1700 people to 2600 extraterrestrial encounters. She is a leading expert and presenter in this field. She has done extensive research into the ET-Human Hybrid phenomenon, and has given presentations on this subject at major conferences including the IUFOC. She personally knows and interviews a dozen people living among us who have enough ET DNA, heritage and continuing contact with the beings who created them, to be considered ET-Human Hybrids.

Barbara has co-authored three books: Crop Circles Revealed, Alien Experiences and Meet The Hybrids.


Lecture: Meet the Hybrids

Barbara has been doing professional Regression Therapy since 1984 and since 1991 she has specialized in regressing people to their encounters with extraterrestrial beings. She recognized that some of these experiencers are hybrid beings, embodying a significant portion of ET DNA and differentness from the rest of us. They are giving service to humanity while living among us. Her presentation will include testimonies given in person by a few of these hybrids and visual depictions of the beings who created them, mentor them and inspire them.

This presentation will focus on the uplifting, inspiring and helpful aspects of the ET-Human hybrid phenomenon.