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Bryce Zabel

Bio: Bryce Zabel is an American television producer, director, writer, industry leader and occasional actor. He is widely known as the chairman/CEO of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences who was forced to twice postpone the Emmy Awards following the September 11 attacks. He has received the “created by” or “developed by” credit of five network and syndicated television series. He developed produced and wrote the TV series Dark Skies based on real UFO research, worked on the TV series on alien abductions, Taken, with Steven Spielberg, and is now co-author of the book A.D. After Disclosure with Richard Dolan.

Presenting: Friday February 24, 2012: 10:30 – Noon

Talk: Life After Contact

Bryce will present a multimedia journey into the post-disclosure world. Drawing inspiration from his book, A.D. After Disclosure (co-authored with Richard Dolan) and his Hollywood experiences telling stories of alien contact (e.g., Dark Skies, Taken, Official Denial), Bryce weaves a compelling story about what happens after the powers-that-be acknowledge the existence of UFOs. Bryce argues that preparation for disclosure is vital now, given that it is likely to occur in our own lifetimes. He makes specific predictions about stock market closings, martial law, truth commissions, energy breakthroughs and even the birth of new religions.