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Chase-KloetzkeBio: Chase is a retired employee of the Department of Defense where she worked as a Master Trainer/ Master Instructor holding the position of Physical Force Readiness: Program Developer.

She has been a UFO Investigator since 1994 and joined the Mutual UFO Network in 1996. During this membership, Chase accepted the position of Deputy Director of Investigations and Star Team Manager until 2011. In 2015, she accepted a new position with MUFON as Deputy Director of Investigations and Special Assignment Team Manger that is leading a High Performance Team responsible for the highly confidential and security-type cases reported to MUFON.

Chase is author of two books, Admissible; The Field Manual For Professional Applications, Strategies and Methods For UFO, Paranormal & Unknown Biological Investigations with Richard Dolan and the first of its kind Children’s book: Are Aliens Really Real?

Lecture: On the Cusp: Meeting the Burden of Proof

The field of modern UFO research and Investigations has been an arena filled with the grass root efforts of many serious minded and dedicated truth seekers. Where are we today? Is it possible to find and present admissible evidence or meet a public burden of proof in the growing field of “Things that are not supposed to exist?” I will share some of the amazing personal experiences and investigations that have shown me the mysteries surrounding UFO events can offer more than random reports and elusive evidence if we know where to look.