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Dr. Bruce Maccabee

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Dr. Bruce MaccabeeAbout: Bruce Maccabee received a Ph.D. in physics from the American University in Washington, DC and subsequently began a 36-year career at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, where he worked on anti-submarine warfare, space-based laser weapons, and chemical and biological warfare, as well as other projects. He began investigating UFO phenomena in the late 1960s and has published a series of papers about individual cases. He is best known for his analyses of the 1950 McMinnville photo case, the 1978 New Zealand sightings, the 1986 Japan Airlines sighting, and the Gulf Breeze sightings (1987–97). He was the first to obtain and publish the FBI file on UFOs (the “real X files”) and has published three books, UFOs Are Real: Here’s The Proof, The UFO-FBI Connection, and Abduction In My Life, the latter being a unique combination of fiction and fact.

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