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Dr. Roberto Pinotti

Bio: Dr. Roberto Pinotti is a sociologist, journalist and an aerospace expert. He has authored many books about UFOs, SETI and mysteries of the past in Italy.

A UFO researcher during the last 40 years, he lives in Florence, Italy and is the President of C.U.N. (Centro Ufologico Nazionale). CUN is Italy’s most authoritative UFO organization, and Dr. Pinotti is the editor of its official monthly magazine, UFO NOTIZIARIO. With the support of the local government since 1993, he is the organizer of the “World UFO Symposium” in San Marino Republic. This is the most important West European international annual UFO convention, to which many scientists, researchers, experts and writers from all around the world attend and lecture. Dr. Pinotti has also appeared on many TV programs, documentaries and other UFO conferences as a lecturer. He is considered by many to be Italy’s leading expert on UFO cases in Italy.

Presenting: Thursday February 23, 2012: 1:00 – 2:15 P.M.

Talk: Italy, Ufology’s Birthplace: From Rome and the Renaissance to Fascist, Italian Air Force, San Marino and Vatican Approaches, and Conclusions

International lecturer and author, Dr. Roberto Pinotti is the primary Italian scholar on ufology. His activity as a founder and past president of Italy’s Centro Ufologico Nazionale, as well as his involvement with the Italian Air Force, France’s GEIPAN, England’s House of Lords UFO Study Group, SETI, the Fascist UFO Files, the Republic of San Marino World UFO Symposia, and the Vatican “ET policy,” confirm his role as a world-class expert.