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About the EBE Film Festival

The EBE Film Festival is a celebration of ground-breaking films which push the limits with their exploration and study of UFOs and related phenomena.

The UFOTV sponsored EBE Film Festival runs throughout the International UFO Congress. The film festival begins on Tuesday, February 13, the day before the conference. This is when all accepted entries are viewed and judged by volunteer judges. Anyone can volunteer to be a judge as long as they plan to view all entries, but one does not have to be a judge to attend all or some of the film screenings. The top 3 films in each category (Long Form and Short Form) will be shown either Thursday or Friday night (February 15 or 16, respectively), depending on movie lengths and the time available each evening. The films shown Thursday and Friday night (top 3 from each category as decided by Tuesday’s judging) will also be eligible for the People’s Choice Award, which will be determined during the awards ceremony on Saturday, February 17.

This event is free of charge. All winners will be announced on Saturday, February 17th during the banquet and EBE Film Awards Ceremony.

The coveted EBE Award Statuettes.

Submit a film

If you have a film you’d like to enter into the EBE Film Festival please download the form below and email it to or mail in to 2733 N Power Rd. Ste 102-351
Mesa AZ, 85215.


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Entries in the 2018 EBE Film Festival

Short Films (Short Form)

Alien Anthropologist

Written and Directed by: Robert Kirk

Produced by: Robert Kirk and Chris Ridder

A romantic comedy/sci-fi/political farce set in Washington D.C. Alien anthropologists have come to the Earth to observe the imminent self-destruction of humanity. This 25 minute short film is presented as an episode from a series. In this episode, Zeno (Altar’s replacement) cannot help but get himself and his alien supervisor in trouble and this is when the fun begins.

Beyond The Spectrum

Written, Produced and Directed by: Darcy Weir

This film covers UFOs caught on NASA’s space cameras and the secrecy behind all of it.

Full Disclosure

Written and Directed by: Oliver Rogers

Producer: Doug Kirby

A solider is being debriefed after a secret space mission by rogue agents who want to know more than they should. Inspired by real interviews found online, blurring the lines between truth, fiction & conspiracy theory this is a sci-fi thriller in a film noir style. We hope to take the viewer on a roller coaster ride as well to challenge their view of reality.


Written, Produced and Directed by: Scott Deschaine

Evidence seems to show that UFOs resemble living things. Like Earth’s oceans, out ocean of air may hold living wonders. Amazing footage from many NASA missions shows objects that move and act like living things. How can we study more to see if the sky is alive?

OUFOS: A New Discovery

Written, Produced and Directed by: Joshua P. Warren

After five years of research, Joshua P. Warren showcases “organic UFOs” in the Bermuda Triangle.

Retirement Planning

Written, Produced and Directed by: Jody McNicholas

It’s pure magic when an intergalactic social worker arrives at a retirement planning office.

The Secret Space Program

Written and Directed by: Marc St. Germain

Produced by: Jean-Charles Moyen

Exclusive and explosive documentary on the clandestine origins of the secret space program. The information contained in this documentary comes from U.S. government documents that have never been officially declassified as well as numerous testimonies corroborating the facts mentioned therein. It is therefore a historical review of military R&D from recovered UFOs and its intelligence implication.

Feature Films (Long Form)


Written, Produced and Directed by: Caroline Cory

E.T. CONTACT: They Are Here documents the jaw-dropping stories of individuals from around the world who share similar accounts of extraterrestrial and otherworldly encounters. Producer and host Caroline Cory, who has her own extensive history with the supernatural, takes the viewers on an extraordinary journey to uncover whether these seemingly independent yet parallel reports may actually be scientific evidence of a greater phenomenon at work. Through a series of groundbreaking on-camera experiments on human DNA, and interviews with leading scientists, viewers will find themselves pondering the nature of their own reality or yet the true origin of the human species. ET CONTACT may ultimately show that the traditionally unexplained is, in fact, far more attributable to science than fiction. Website:

She Sings To The Stars

Written and Directed by: Jennifer Corcoran

Produced by: Jonnie Corcoran

The endless desert. A Native American grandmother lives alone tending her corn. Her half-Mexican grandson and a White, aging magician are stranded. No water. A river of stars. Everything changes: anything is possible. Website:

Street Eyes

Written by: Oliver Marshall and Scott Brown

Produced and Directed by: Oliver Marshall

Stanley, a hardcore conspiracy theorist stumbles upon a dead body. With the help of his fearful and skeptical friend, Edward, and his girlfriend, Natalie, they must find “The Dead Guy” who will help them unlock the truth about his future and that of the universe while being hunted down by the Men in Black, Reptilians and beings from another galaxy.


Past Winners

View winners from past EBE Film Festivals.