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The International UFO Congress is the largest annual UFO conference in the world. The IUFOC is an organization in Arizona dedicated to the dissemination of information related to many areas in Ufology. The IUFOC was established in 1991 and hosts an annual conference on UFOs and related phenomena. The Conference was held in Laughlin, NV until 2011 when it moved to the Phoenix, Arizona area. The conference boasts more than 20 speakers and a plethora of exhibitors from around the globe, and covers a large variety of topics related to the UFO phenomenon including technology, government cover-ups, exopolitics, black projects, crop circles, alien visitation and more. Panels of astrophysicists, nuclear physicists, abductees, and former top-secret-clearance military personnel make up just a portion of highly decorated and influential speakers.

The conference is run by the dedicated team at Open Minds Production.

History of the UFO Congress:

The International UFO Congress was founded in 1991. At that time, serious UFO researchers, experiencers and enthusiasts were still widely scorned by the general public. However, it was recognized that this was an important field, that needed important attention, and a quality venue we needed to explore the many hidden truths that are so very important to all of humanity. Our primary goal is to “research, document and disseminate UFO and related information worldwide”. The organization had 9 members on the Board of Directors, representing 5 different countries and a variety of positions in the UFO community. It was determined that one of the best ways to achieve our goal was to stage the very best UFO convention in the world, and do it annually. There were several ideals that were adopted to insure this happening. The first was to invite top speakers, as well as speakers from around the globe, offering exciting and important new information. And to insure that these speakers would never have to compete for audience share – they are given adequate time to present their information, and don’t have to promote “extra charge workshops”. Another goal was to keep these events so affordable, that anyone could attend. But, most important, was that these events should last for an entire week. there was initial shock and resistance to this length of a conference, and it showed in the attendance during the first few years. But eventually, speakers and attendees alike realized that an incredible level of learning, interaction and networking occurs at these conferences. Events take place both on and off the stage, which impact people’s lives forever. The first ufo conference had about 50 attendees. The growth over the years has been steady. In 2003, we moved to a new facility at the Flamingo Resort in Laughlin: we enjoyed the beautiful new 20,000 square foot convention center and saw over 900 attendees during the week.

There has been quite an evolution over the years since that first event – both within the organization, and in the world’s awareness and acceptance of the UFO phenomenon and their quest for knowledge in the field! Fortunately, many courageous individuals have persisted in their research, despite public controversy, and have continued to struggle to change the minds and perceptions of the general public – while providing valuable information to those whose minds are already open, and thirsting knowledge.

Many people often told us that the week they spend at the conference is the one week out of the year where they feel “at home” with a very special family who understands and accepts them. Many often also commented that they wished there was a way to know who else shared similar experiences to their own. One thing led to another, and thus was born the “Experiencer Sessions”. A private room is set aside four times a week, and these gatherings are hosted by a respected counselor in the field. Persons needing to share their anomalous experiences are invited to come together and interact with one another, and also receive guidance and insight form the group moderator. To insure the group’s comfort and privacy, no members of the press are allowed to attend these sessions – and they are NEVER recorded.

Another addition to the events was the “EBE AWARDS & FILM FESTIVAL”. This is done to enable film producers from around the world to screen their UFO and related productions from the prior year, and compete with other producers for the illustrious EBE Awards, which are awarded at the closing banquet. (EBE stands for “extraterrestrial biological entity”.)

And finally, a very important change was the addition of the SUMMER SEMINARS in 1997. Although a week sounds like a very long time for a conference, we found that there were so many interrelated topics that needed to be addressed, but there was just inadequate time available during the winter conferences. Such subjects include ancient and suppressed human history, modern suppression and control, as well as the prophecies. We also address free energy, health and healing, reincarnation, out of body travel, remote viewing, and the purpose of the human journey. And most important of all, is the UFO connection running through everything. (The Summer Seminars have been temporarily discontinued for a variety of reasons. We will let you know when they may be resumed.)

In 2011 the conference was moved to the Fort McDowell Resort & Casino in the Phoenix, Arizona area and the conference was shortened to five days instead of a full week. This was done to open up the conference to a more diverse and global audience in an attempt to spread research and understanding of the phenomenon to the public.