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All entries are in and the schedule is set for the 19th Annual International UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival. Tickets will be $6 US a night and are available at the convention door at the Aquarius Resort in Laughlin, Nevada. The film festival will run from Saturday, February 20 until Friday, February 26, 2010. The winner of this year’s festival will be announced at the annual EBE Awards banquet on Saturday February 27th, 2010 from 7:00 PM to Midnight. This year’s EBE Awards will hosted by Bob Brown and Paul Davids.
The schedule of films are as follows:
Saturday, February 20, 2010
7:00 PM – Dead Whisper – In Search of Ghosts and the Supernatural
Join Psychic Robbie Thomas along with The Indiana Ghost Trackers on both a scientific and psychic investigation that will shock and amaze you. Forget what you’ve seen on television from other paranormal ghost investigations. For the first time ever, with state-of-the-art scientific sensors, recording devices and one of the worlds’ best psychics, you will see and hear conversations with the dead and you’ll be there as it actually happened.

8:15 PM – Crop Circles Wake Up Call – 2010 Update
Award winning film maker Patty Greer offers an intimate & illuminating adventure through the UK Crop Circles from the 1980s-2009. Incredible photography & cinematography offer a true sense of being there in the Crop Formations. Passionate interviews include a bold heads up on the harsh interaction between the Croppie researcher community & the military helicopters in the Crop Circles today. They can’t stop it & they can’t explain it… but WE can!

9:20 PM – Mysterious Stone Monuments of Markawasi Peru
On a remote Plateau, in Central Peru, hundreds of engimatic figures and faces have been found in the living rock. Figures that should not be there at all. An Egyptian Pharoh with headdress and beard looks almost identical to the death mask of King Tut. A gigantic face called “The African Queen” looks similar to The Great Sphinx of Egypt. The delicate Features of an Egyptian Maiden decorate the canyon walls. All of these features can be seen in a mysterious Peruvian plateau known as Markawasi. Were these figures carved by a lost race? Was there contact between Egypt and Peru in ancient times?

Sunday, February 21, 2010
7:00 PM – Quantum Communication (Part 1)This Extraordinary film by Producer, David Sereda, “Quantum Communication,” will teach us how communication really works from the Quantum level and how this is connected to the Universal Laws of Attraction. How do we manifest our future Soul-Matches, Business Partners, Teachers, and how do we communicate with God? What is actually happening when we pray?

8:40 PM – This Sacred Earth – The 2012 Phenomenon
This documentary uses the 2012 prophecies as a way to ask how we can fall back in love with Mother Earth to save both ourselves and the planet. Filmmakers Billie Dean and Andrew Einspruch imbue this film with their trademark lightness of spirit, love of beauty and reverence for the natural world. From their belief that a disconnection from nature is at the root cause of our planetary crisis, the film asks wisdom keepers around the globe what each one of us can do to ensure the 2012 indigenous prophecy of a millennium of peace becomes a reality.

9:40 PM – Mysterious Creatures of the Southwest
This film is about, legends from different cultures from; Native American legend of Skinwalkers transcends tribes and geographic boundaries. Bigfoot in the mountains and forests of the southwest. Stories and dramatic reenactments of Bigfoot sightings in Apache country and beyond. We also meet witnesses who tell of giant snakes, dinosaurs, huge birds and so much more.

Monday, February 22, 2010
7:30 PM – UFO’s 1973
From the Pascagoula Gulf Coast and all around the world UFO sightings and strange encounters were on the increase in 1973. In fact, many of the most famous UFO reports came from this historic year! Documentary filmmaker Jay Michael (Swamp Apes, Bigfooting in Oklahoma) presents this new DVD release featuring UFO sightings and extraordinary alien encounters by average people worldwide who say they have had contact with the unknown.

8:35 PM – Voices of Disclosure – Unlocking the Truth
Over twenty investigators and researchers are interviewed about UFO disclosure along with film clips from NASA’s space flights. Clifford Irving, Rob Simone, Wendell Stevens, Jim Marrs, Christopher O’Brien, Daniel Sheehan, Richard Dolan and many more are interviewed for this dynamic documentary. Several voices from contactees share their experiences and feelings about being a contactee or abductee. This documentary includes an in depth analysis of the controversial “Alien Autopsy” film with new insights about the autopsy.

9:50 PM – Pathways of the Sun, An Awakening
During his last stay in the USA, Dean Liprini was given an opportunity to revise all his video footage of the sacred sites and mysterious ancient marker stones he has been interacting with over the past 17 years. This documentary reveals amazing live video and still photographs that were captured and recorded at the Sacred Sites, Caves and Marker stones at the Southern Tip of Africa, on the auspicious and hallowed days of the Spring and Autumn Equinox and the Summer and Winter Solstice.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010
7:30 PM – Crystal Skulls & Earth’s Energies
This documentary presents insights into the mysteries of The Crystal Skulls as discussed by two of their keepers, Jaap Van Etten and Sherry Whitfield. Learn as they explain the many aspects of Crystal Skulls and how they relate to our lives and planet Earth.

8:30 PM – Aldebaran Mystery
The Nazi Flying-Saucer enigma: lurid tabloid sensationalism? Or did Nazi super-science of World War II actually discover the secrets of anti-gravity? “The Aldebaran Mystery” traces clues leading from ancient India to modern top-secret aircraft, that suggest Hitler’s flying-disc projects amounted to much more than mere fanciful conjecture! Fact or myth? You be the judge…

9:15 PM – The Appearance of Man
The search for meaning — Sightings of strange phenomena are not new, but in fact dates back to thousand of years. This is documented in ancient scripture, including the Sumerian, Egyptian, Aztec and Mayan texts, and in passages in the Bible. What happened in Phoenix reveals the complexity of what is happening around us and what it all may mean. Was there contact the night of March 13, 1997?

Thursday, February 25, 2010
7:30 PM – Red Planet, Mysteries of Mars
This documentary features the late, Tom Van Flandern PhD astronomer and Physicist, Claude Swanson PhD. In this documentary Tom, in a very understandable way, explains exactly what devastated Mars about 3.2 million years ago. He also shows amazing images of the different ancient monuments, (the Cydonia Face, the Crown Face, and Nefertiti) on the Mars surface and shows their three dimensional aspects, which proves that they are not “tricks of light and shadow”!

8:40 PM – Cosmic Granny
Meet Anne, a lively, grounded English grandmother with a cosmic vision and a gentle voice of wisdom. Granny shares her personal stories of conversations with Light Beings, inter-dimensional journeys and inner earth cities in a manner that makes them seem as normal as her offering of tea and cookies. Yet, her loving message offers profound possibilities and begins to work it’s magic just in the telling.

9:05 PM – The Making of Alien TV
Many times the general public and those intimately involved in the UFO field have asked the question: Why does television programming on the subject of UFO’s and Aliens always contain skeptics and debunkers or outright denials and lies? “The Making of Alien TV” takes the audience behind the scenes through the exciting world of Hollywood television production and by the use of television clips from previous TV shows, re-enactments and live interviews attempts to answer this question.

Friday, February 26, 2010
7:30 PM – Beyond 2012: Evolving Perspectives On the Next Age
Never before has a time in history been so significant to so many cultures, religions, scientists and governments. Beyond 2012 looks past the apocalyptic world view of 2012 and presents a wide variety of evolving perspectives on the next age of global consciousness and techniques for social and ecological transformation.

8:45 PM – The John Searl Story
Regarded by many as The Godfather of “free energy” science, John Searl believes his magnetic generator,
the Searl Effect Generator (or S-E-G), will save our planet from environmental disaster. “The John Searl Story”
explores this question as we chronicle the life of arguably the most controversial inventor of the last hundred years.Does John Searl have the answer to our global energy crisis? This is his life and his machine in his own words. Hear his case and you decide.

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