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We have a diverse and dynamic line-up of speakers for the 2012 International UFO Congress:

General Ricardo Bermúdez

Chile’s Official UFO Agency:

Chilean Air Force General (Ret.) Ricardo Bermúdez is the Director of the Committee of Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomenon (CEFAA), the Chilean government’s official organization for the study of unknown aerial phenomena. General Bermúdez has also been the Director of the Technical School of Aeronautics, the School of Engineers, and the sub-Director of Chile’s Air Force Academy. At CEFAA, he leads a group of scientists at the doctorate level, who form the committee along with aviation experts from the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics. General Bermúdez is a former fighter pilot, served as an air attaché in London, and commanded the Third Air Brigade in southern Chile.

Whitley Strieber

Solving the Communion Enigma:

Famous author Whitley Strieber will be presenting material from his new book, Solving the Communion Enigma, which takes a radical new look both at his own close encounter experiences as well as the nature of the alien experience and human life itself. Whitley’s wife, Anne, who has read and catalogued thousands of witness accounts, will join Whitley to read a selection of these amazing documents, which go far beyond anything in the current UFO literature and illustrate the true mystery of contact.

Colin Andrews

Circles: Mirror Image of World Events and Human Behavior, With One Difference!

Colin Andrews was the man who coined the term “crop circle” in the mid-1980s and spent three decades researching the phenomenon. During 2000, while being funded by Laurance Rockefeller to undertake an in-depth look at crop circles, Andrews announced that the two-year special investigation had shown approximately 80% of crop circles in the United Kingdom during that period were manmade, while 20% were left unresolved. Since that conclusion, Andrews has focused on what he believes to be the important piece of the crop circle mystery, human consciousness.

Dr. Steven Greer

Contact: Countdown to Transformation

Dr. Greer leads multiple expeditions each year to train groups in how to make peaceful contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. Within the context of peaceful outreach to extraterrestrial visitors, communication always occurs. The means and methods are unusual, but undeniable. With extraordinary video and audio clips from these expeditions, Dr. Greer will share with the audience how this relationship has been developing over time and what are the implications for further contact.

Find out more: Disclosure Project

Ben Hansen

Fact or Faked: Interplay of media, technology, Hollywood, and validating evidence of ET contact:

In the world today, video and cell phone cameras number in the billions. Humans have at their fingertips, access to a proliferation of technology that allows them to record UFO and alleged alien activity. When it comes to documenting UFO and ET events, technology can be our best friend and our worst enemy. Along with the tremendous advances in consumer media, there has been an increased interest by some in devising hoaxes, often utilizing simple home-based computer graphics and movie making software. Viral video hoaxes and other faked events have increased at a staggering rate and their impact on legitimate research cannot be ignored. What role does Hollywood and the Media play in disclosure? Are we being prepared or deceived? Will disclosure be brought about and shared ultimately by capturing events on video? Hansen will discuss these topics and the trends which technology use has created and its influence on belief and ultimate discovery of the truth.

Clifford Clift

First Time Revealed UFO Files from MUFON’s Archives:

Clifford Clift is the International Director for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). MUFON’s archives are a treasure trove of UFO cases the public hasn’t heard of—until now. Cliff will be presenting information about the work of MUFON, which will include MUFON’s best UFO cases from their archives.

Yvonne Smith

Recollections of Alien Abduction Through Hypnotherapy: Solo, Duo, and Multiple Abductions:

Certified Hypnotherapist, author and lecturer, Yvonne has helped many victims of post traumatic stress work through their anxiety. She notes that many subjects, during their regressive hypnotherapy sessions, describe alien abduction trauma. Lecturing extensively at M.I.T. and other universities and at many American and international UFO conferences, Yvonne frequently lecture-toured with colleagues Dr. David Jacobs and the late Dr. John Mack and Budd Hopkins. In this presentation, Yvonne will be discussing her case studies single abductions, cases of double abductions as cited in her first book, Chosen-Recollections of UFO Abductions Through Hypnotherapy and cases of multiple of mass abductions she is currently writing about in her new book about the Coronado Island incident.

Chuck Zukowski

Cattle Mutilations: New Discoveries

For over 26 years, Chuck has been researching and investigating the UFO/Paranormal phenomenon. Chuck will talk about cattle mutilations, focusing on his previous investigations involving not only cows but horses too. Discussing his own investigative techniques, drawn from his background in law enforcement, he’ll cover what types of incidents he determines to be actual mutilations, then speak about the up-to-date evidence he has acquired. He’ll also cover the ramifications of being a field investigator which recently put him in the national news. As a bonus, Chuck will release information on new discoveries that you certainly won’t want to miss.

Lee Speigel

UFOs: The Media Credibility Factor — Who Do You Believe?

Ever since the 1947 Roswell Daily Record changed its story from how the military had captured a “flying saucer” to a “weather balloon,” mainstream media has come up short in its coverage of the UFO phenomenon. From weather inversions, swamp gas, kites, Chinese lanterns and many other explanations for UFOs, this presentation will look at some of the more infamous cases where media just didn’t get it right, will offer some reasons why and how to do it better in the future. Lee Speigel is a writer and reporter for the AOL / Huffington Post Media Group and former writer and host of nearly 1,500 programs about UFOs and unexplained phenomena, spanning eight years on NBC Radio.

Roberto Pinotti

Italy, Ufology’s Birthplace:

International lecturer and author, Dr. Roberto Pinotti is the main Italian scholar in ufology. His activity as a founder and past president of Italy’s Centro Ufologico Nazionale involved with Italian Air Force, France’s GEIPAN, England’s House of Lords UFO Study Group, SETI, the Fascist UFO Files, the Republic of San Marino World UFO Symposia and the Vatican “ET policy” confirm his role as a world-class expert.

Travis Walton w/ John Goulette

Fire in the Sky Revisited

For the first time ever, John Goulette, one of the witnesses to Travis Walton’s incredible abduction experience, will be speaking alongside Walton. Travis Walton claims that in 1975, while working as a logger in Arizona, he and several co-workers came across a UFO in the forest which shot a beam of light at Walton. Frightened, his friends fled the scene, and when they returned, Walton was gone. Walton recalled waking up on the side of the road; he thought only a few hours had passed, but he had actually been missing for 5 days. He later recalled being on the craft and the strange creatures that were there with him.

Stan & Lisa Romanek

Randall Nickerson

Researching the Ariel School Incident

At the Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, sixty-two children reported seeing a UFO and “strange beings” during morning recess. Through the work of the late Dr. John Mack, this bizarre sighting was thoroughly researched and all of the witnesses were interviewed. These interviews make the Ariel School Incident one of the most well-documented UFO sighting and encounter cases in recent history. Filmmaker Randall Nickerson went back to southern Africa, tracing the original witnesses and discovering new ones. He will present the results of his investigation and provide a visual tour through this incredible mass sighting in Ruwa, Zimbabwe.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley

ETs, Shadow People and Djinn:

Rosemary Ellen Guiley examines the connection between ET contact and abduction experiences, the paranormal phenomenon called Shadow People, and the possibility that the Djinn, supernatural creatures that occupy a parallel world to mankind, may be involved in both types of experiences. Rosemary is one of the leading experts on the paranormal and has worked fulltime in the field since 1983, undertaking original field investigations and research for the more than 47 books she has written on a wide range of subjects. She focuses on entity contact experiences of all kinds.

Antonio Huneeus

The Best UFO Cases: From Ancient Times to 2012:

Drawing on a vast experience as an international ufologist for over 30 years, Antonio’s presentation gives you a tour of the most intriguing UFO cases from different eras throughout history. It includes aerial wonders in ancient China and India, the Mexican wave of the early 1500s, World War II “foo fighters,” the American flying saucer wave of 1952, the European wave of 1954, as well as remarkable incidents from Latin America, Russia, the Middle East, and elsewhere up to 2012. Is there a pattern to the appearance of UFOs throughout history? And, is society moving closer to accepting the existence of alien intelligences?

David Sereda

Breakthrough Faster than Light Communication with ET:

David Sereda has worked deeply in high technology, on environmental and humanitarian issues, and as a professional photographer for 20 years. He has studied virtually hundreds of issues in the fields of world religion, science, physics, and paranormal psychology. Sereda conducted a deep investigation into the scientific community at NASA as well as outside of the agency, as it related to the 1990s space shuttle mission video footage of Unidentified Flying Object Phenomena. The results of that investigation led to the development of the book and documentary film entitled, Evidence: The Case for NASA UFOs.

Jaime Maussan

A well-established and widely known TV personality in Mexico, Jaime Maussan has become world famous for the incredible quantity and spectacular quality of the UFO videos that he continuously presents to the global UFO community. The modern Mexican UFO wave, along with Jaime’s involvement in this field, began in July 1991 during a total solar eclipse, when thousands of Mexican citizens reported and filmed UFOs. This was the event that made the UFO phenomenon a reality to Jaime. Through his Tercer Milenio TV program, Jaime continues to report on UFOs on a regular basis and is one of the hardest-working investigators and reporters in the field.

Peter Robbins

Budd Hopkins: A Personal Appreciation:

Peter Robbins first met fellow painter Budd Hopkins in 1976, five years prior to the publication of the latter’s seminal book, Missing Time. Their shared passion for painting, UFO studies and the abduction phenomenon helped forge a thirty-five-year-long friendship and work relationship during which Robbins would serve as Hopkins personal assistant and confidante and work with the distinguished ufologist on literally hundreds of incidences of UFO related abduction including that of his sister Helen. In this particularly personal presentation, Peter Robbins talks about those years with Budd with particular attention paid to Hopkins the ufologist, the artist, writer, humorist, foundation director, media presence, humanist, and ultimately the world’s best known UFO investigator.

Bryce Zabel

Life After Contact:

Bryce will present a multimedia journey into the post-Disclosure world. Drawing inspiration from his book A.D. After Disclosure (co-authored with Richard Dolan) and his Hollywood experiences telling stories of alien contact (Dark Skies, Taken, Official Denial), Bryce weaves a compelling story about what happens after the powers-that-be acknowledge that at least some UFOs are from some place that isn’t here. Bryce argues that preparation for disclosure is vital now, given that it is likely to occur in our own lifetimes. He makes specific predictions about stock market closings, martial law, truth commissions, energy breakthroughs and even the birth of new religions.

Dr. Lynne Kitei

Beyond the Phoenix Lights…Coincidence or Connection?

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the still unexplained Arizona mass UFO sighting of March 13, 1997, key witness Lynne D. Kitei, M.D. shares the inside story of what has become known worldwide as the “Phoenix Lights”. Besides authenticated photographic evidence and stunning witness testimony, Dr. Lynne presents the history of these enigmatic phenomena, including the Native American and her own personal connection, as well as similar global events, expert analysis, media coverage, the latest updates, and most poignant, the profound impact and message of the “Phoenix Lights”. Dr. Lynne’s internationally award winning Phoenix Lights Documentary and bestselling book, The Phoenix Lights…A Skeptic’s Discovery That We Are Not Alone are lauded as the definitive works concerning the most important mass UFO event in modern history. More info at

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