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We are honored to have Lee Speigel joining us for the 2012 International UFO Congress this year. Lee will be speaking on Wednesday February 22, from 4:00 – 5:30 PM. The topic of his discussion will be UFOs: The Media Credibility Factor — Who Do You Believe? .

Lee Speigel & Antonio Huneeus at the 2011 MUFON Symposium (credit: Alejandro Rojas)

Lee Speigel & Antonio Huneeus at the 2011 MUFON Symposium (credit: Alejandro Rojas)

Lee Speigel is a writer, reporter and media personality who has spent decades researching and presenting the world of unexplained phenomena and the paranormal to the public. Following seven years with ABC News, he has joined the popular Weird News team of AOL/Huffington Post. Lee is the former host of NBC Radio’s “The Edge of Reality.” Spanning eight years in the 1970s and 80s, Speigel produced, wrote and hosted nearly 1,500 programs on the unexplained for NBC Radio. He’s also the only person to produce a presentation at the United Nations on the subject of UFOs. Lee Speigel is always on the lookout for unusual, out-of-this-world stories. Lee currently works as a reporter for the Huffington Post online newspaper.

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Lee appeared on Open Minds Radio on August 29, 2011 – you can watch that interview here:

UFO news by Lee Speigel:

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You can read more of Lee’s stories here.

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