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charles-haltBio: Earned a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry and Economics and an MBA in Business Management. Served 29 years in the Air Force retiring as a Colonel.  Assignments included Base Commander at RAF Bentwaters and Kunsan AB, Korea.  Final assignment was Director of Inspections Directorate for the Department of Defense, Inspector General where he had inspection over site of all military services and civilian agencies. Retired in 1991 and for 12 years managed a large gated community of 7,000.  While at Bentwaters was the primary participant and investigator in what many consider Britain’s equivilant of the famous Roswell case.  Recently co-authored a book entitled THE HALT PERSPECTIVE now available on Amazon.

Lecture: Bentwaters Revisted

In December 1980 Col. Halt was called on to investigate a strange event that took place just outside the base perimeter at RAF Woodbridge. Base police investigated what they thought to be a downed aircraft and discovered it was a craft beyond any know object in the inventory.  The craft exhibited remarkable characteristics and departed at high speed. Unexplained incidents occurred over the next three nights culminating multiple objects that moved at high speed, sent down laser like beams and made changes in size and shape. The objects were observed by as many as 50 people in different locations some claiming the objects were triangular and several saw what they called a mother ship. The objects were detected on two different radars and noted to move at phenomenal speed.

This lecture will include other related and nearby sightings and the use of disinformation.