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Charlie Foltz & Jim Weiner

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About: Jim Weiner presently works at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, in Boston, Massachusetts, as an Assistant Director in the school’s Technology Department, where he provides technical and administrative Macintosh computer support to the college’s students, staff, and faculty. His digital artwork was included in the internationally exhibited: “From The Storm: Artists with Temporal-Lobe Epilepsy”, and published in Newsweek and in the Journal of American Medicine. Jim also has an advanced degree in Ceramics from the Boston University Program In Artisanry, and has taught ceramics at the Museum School of Fine Art, Boston and the University of New Hampshire, Durham. He still creates works of art in clay, and provides technical and instructional support to Mass Art’s ceramics students. Jim is an identical twin, and both he and his twin brother, Jack, also an internationally exhibited artist, have had high-strangeness and possible abduction experiences, since early childhood. Their 1976 UFO close encounter and abduction while on a camping trip on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, in Maine, along with fellow artists Charles Foltz and Chuck Rak, was documented in the book: “The Allagash Abductions; Undeniable Evidence of Alien Intervention”, by MUFON UFO and alien abduction investigator, Raymond E. Fowler.

Charles Foltz has been living and working in the Boston Area, since 1974. A graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design, he has had a distinguished career as a medical illustrator and medical-media specialist for the New England medical community and Veterans Hospitals. Now retired, he spends his time doing photography, painting, sculpting, fishing, and performing consulting and community work.

Both Jim and Charles are members of the Newport, Rhode Island, UFO and Abductee Research & Support Group, founded and nurtured by Intellectual and ufologist, Anne Cuvelier (Ku-vee-aay). The Newport Group is an ad-hoc community of citizens, scientists, academics, medical professionals, artists, UFO/Abductee researchers, and abductee-experiencers, dedicated to the exploration of the UFO/Abduction phenomenon. Distinguished members have included such veteran UFO/abduction researchers as: Budd Hopkins, Dr. John Mack, Dr. Michael O’Connell, David M. Jacobs PH.D., Leslie Kean, Giorgio Tsoukalos, and Richard M. Dolan, among many others.

Due to health issues Jim Weiner will be part of the presentation via Skype.


Talk Synopsis: The Allagash Abductions

Jim and Charlie will present The Allagash Abduction case, describing their 1976 UFO experience on the Allagash Waterway; the subsequent investigation and findings of veteran UFologist, Raymond E. Fowler; and post-Allagash abduction events in Vermont and Boston. They will also talk about and showcase the radical changes in their thought processes, and their artwork following the Allagash encounter. Finally, they will conclude with an overview of how they have been able to accommodate their abduction experiences into their personal lives through their art, self-exploration, and, especially, through support groups like the ones founded by Budd Hopkins, John Mack, and Anne Cuvelier.

Date: Thursday, February 19, 2015
Time: 2:30 – 3:45 PM