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10th Sep 2012 | by: Admin

Hello everyone! Did you know we are having a DVD sale? We figured you deserve a little treat after Labor Day so we are offering all DVD presentations from 2011 and 2012 for 35% off!

That breaks down to:

Single DVDs – $9.75 (normally $15.00)
2011 Boxset – $194.35 (normally $299.00)
2012 Boxset – $162.50 (normally $250.00)
(prices above do not include shipping)

This sale only lasts until September 14th so hurry to stock up on presentations from all your favorite presenters.

2011 International UFO Congress includes presentations from:

Rainbow Eagle – Native American Star Stories: The Past Reflects our Future
A.J. Gevaerd – The Brazilian UFO Disclosure
Dr. John Alexander – UFOS: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities
Michael Schratt – Project Aquarius: Special Access Intelligence Revealed
Dr. Carol Rosin – A Call to Action
Robert Dean – A Summing Up: Where Do We Go From Here?
Lloyd Pye – The Starchild Skull: Disclosure’s Smoking Gun
Kathleen Marden – The Betty & Barney Hill Case: Setting the Record Straight
Stan Romanek – The Stan Romanek Story
Maj. George Filer – UFO Investigations
Richard Dolan – A.D. After Disclosure
Daniel Sheehan – Open Minds Ministry: Providing Answers to Questions Posed by Extraterrestrial Contact
Nancy Talbott – Crop Circle Science: Cosmic Calling Cards?
Linda Moulton Howe w/ James Penniston – New Updates to the RAF Bentwaters Mystery
Jim Marrs – Remote Viewing Aliens and UFOs
Stanton Friedman – Exposing the UFO Debunkers
Travis Walton – Fire in the Sky
Hon. Paul Hellyer – A World in Turmoil
Leslie Kean – UFOs on the Record
Col. Charles Halt – Rendlesham Revisited
Don Schmitt – Government Suppression: Silencing the Roswell Witnesses
Frances Barwood – How Did I Get Here?
Nick Pope – Royal Society Meetings on Alien Life
Antonio Huneeus – Global Perspective of the UFO Phenomenon in the XXI Century
Debate – featuring Dr. John Alexander, Stanton Friedman and Daniel Sheehan

2011 IUFOC Boxset

2012 International UFO Congress includes presentations by:

Chuck Zukowski – Cattle Mutilations: New Discoveries
Clifford Clift – First Time Revealed UFO Files from MUFON’s Archives
Yvonne Smith – Recollections of Alien Abduction Through Hypnotherapy: Solo, Duo, and Multiple Abductions
Antonio Huneeus – The Best UFO Cases: From Ancient Times to 2012
Lee Speigel – UFOs: The Media Credibility Factor – Who Do You Believe?
Peter Robbins – Budd Hopkins: A Personal Appreciation
David Sereda – Breakthrough Faster than Light Communication with ET
Roberto Pinotti – Italy, Ufology’s Birthplace
Dr. Lynne Kitei – Beyond the Phoenix Lights – Coincidence or Connection?
Travis Walton w/ John Goulette & Steve Pierce – Fire in the Sky
Panel: Uncovering the Truth Behind 2012 (featuring David Sereda, Colin Andrews, and Antonio Huneeus)
Rosemary Ellen Guiley – ETs, Shadow People and Djinn
Bryce Zabel – Life After Contact
Randall Nickerson – Researching the Ariel School Incident
Jaime Maussan – Imminent Contact
Stan & Lisa Romanek – Extraterrestrial Contact Continues
Panel: Who Are the Aliens? (featuring Whitley Strieber, Ann Strieber, Peter Robbins, Steven Greer and Yvonne Smith)
Ben Hansen – Fact or Faked: Interplay or media, technology, Hollywood, and validating evidence of ET contact
Whitley Strieber – Solving the Communion Enigma
General (Ret.) Ricardo Bermudez – Chile’s Official UFO Agency
Dr. Steven Greer – Contact: Countdown to Transformation
Colin Andrews – Crop Circles: Mirror Image of World Events and Human Behavior, With One Difference!
Panel: UFOs & Mass Media (featuring Ben Hansen, Lee Speigel and Bryce Zabel)
Spanish Panel (IN SPANISH) – featuring Jaime Maussan, Gen. Ricardo Bermudez & Antonio Huneeus

2012 UFO Congress Box Set

Proceeds from DVD sales go directly towards the costs of putting on the 2013 International UFO Congress where we hope to see many of you there!

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