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Glenn StecklingAbout: Glenn Steckling has assumed the responsibilities of his family’s work in the field of UFO and ET research since his father, Mr. Fred Steckling, passed away in 1991. This knowledge represents years of personal experiences and collective data. Now armed with first hand sightings, he continues to present the materials discovered and bequeathed his family spanning over 60 years. Mr. Steckling’s latest revision to his Father’s book, Alien Bases on the Moon , now Alien Bases on the Moon II , contains a combination of over 100 NASA photographs challenging the continued myth behind the ‘Dead Moon’ and inhospitable planet theories, and exposes the increasing possibility of extraterrestrial activity there. Due to this history and his participation through Adamski & his parents, Glenn Steckling’s involvement with the UFO subject spans nearly his entire lifetime as well. He has spoken in numerous countries and events; continuing to voice his concerns regarding the imbalances from both within and without the UFO community contributing to an ever increasingly distorted perceptions plaguing this subject. His discussion will including re-mastered original Adamski motion picture footage, and newly released rare Adamski home movie footage. He will also share a number of first-generation copies of NASA photographs of the Moon, along with movie footage of an array of UFOs taken by his father in 1966, while he was traveling through Germany by train. Glenn Steckling is a professional pilot, with 30 years’ experience and more than 18,000 hours of flight time. He has had his own unique UFO experiences and is resolute about the importance in preserving and educating the public regarding accurate historical records and scientific facts, including the significance of the Adamski legacy.

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Talk Synopsis: UFOs, ET Visitations,and Adamski Revisited

Glenn Steckling, the Director of the George Adamski Foundation, one of the oldest & longest standing UFO organizations, will join us to discuss George Adamski, moon anomalies and his concerns regarding varying agendas participating in the revisionism of UFO history. Mr. Steckling’s father, the late Fred Steckling, was a close friend & associate of George Adamski, considered by many to be the pioneer in the early contactee UFO field.

Fred Steckling’s first book, “Why Are They Here?: Spaceships from Other Worlds,” published in 1967, is still considered a classic in the field. His second book in 1981, We Discovered Alien Bases on the Moon, was one of the first in lunar anomaly investigation, and was revised and expanded into part 2 by Glenn in 1997; now well into its tenth publication.
Due to his association with Adamski and materials directly inherited, the late Fred Steckling was active in Ufology throughout the remainder of his lifetime. He was invited to address a panel of 22 scientists at NASA’s Goddard Space Center and to brief Colonel Freeman and his staff at the Pentagon. His appearances included Life with Linkletter, National T.V in Japan and Germany, a 1984 address before a Select Committee of Britain’s House of Lords sponsored by Lord Clancarty, including innumerable worldwide media events related to this subject.

Date: Sunday, February 16th
Time: 10:00 – 11:15 AM

Glenn Steckling