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Jeremy CorbellBio: Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell is an Investigative filmmaker. He has been deep in the trenches documenting extra-ordinary individuals and their belief systems. This research has taken him into the worlds of nanotechnology, advanced aerospace exploration, exotic propulsion systems, as well as, an in-depth examination into the life and discoveries of the enigmatic “Godfather of Conspiracy” John Lear. Corbell has documented the surgical removal of alleged off-world alien implants, and with access to NASA and a contingency of dedicated scientists, he has filmed the analysis of anomalous materials alleged to be physical evidence of extraterrestrial nanotechnology from UFO landing sites. Corbell has obtained death-bed confessions from former CIA and government intelligence officials, who claim to expose the truth about the UFO reality and the worldwide coverup of the ultimate truth. He has deeply investigated the Bob Lazar UFO case, and all the individuals associated with his claims, and has broken elements of the story that have sparked vigorous public debate. Corbell’s film work reveals how ideas, held by credible individuals, can alter the way we experience the world and force us to reconsider the fabric of our own beliefs.





1) LAZAR: COSMIC In 1989 ROBERT LAZAR revealed to the public the fact that he back-engineered Alien Spacecraft from another world for the United States Military at a secret base called S-4 (near the infamous Area 51). With current and unseen testimony by LAZAR, this short film gives a unique glimpse into the personas surrounding this EPIC saga… the most infamous UFO case of all time. Is LAZAR is telling YOU the truth. It’s up to you what you DO with that information. The implications derived from his experiences are just starting to be realized.

2) NANO MAN: UTILITY A military funded nano-physicist believes he possesses a mysterious meta-material created by a non-human intelligence. Extraterrestrial Nanotechnology from a UFO landing site. We travel to a military installation and use NASA’s Scanning Electron Microscope to analyze and interrogate the alleged Off-World (alien) nano-robotics best described as “UTILITY FOG” (a term from Science Fiction).

3) IMMACULATE The “Godfather of Conspiracy” and ex-CIA operative, John Lear (disinherited heir to the Lear Jet aviation empire) takes us on a journey down the rabbit hole. With unprecedented access to this enigmatic man and those who surround him, the world has yet to hear these philosophies and confessions.

4) PATIENT Meet a surgeon, the late Roger Leir, who claims to remove highly advance implants, nanotechnology microchips imbedded by aliens, non-humans monitoring our earth. Discover his world of abductions, scalar wave transmissions, and a program to study or manipulate the human race. Armed with a patient, a scalpel, black lights and a stud finder; we seek to verify the authenticity of this alleged Off-World Implant Technology.

5) TRUTH We follow three individuals on a quest to unravel the truth. A journalist, a historian and an activist put it all on the line in an effort to uncover one of the greatest secrets held from the human race. Culminating in an unprecedented event, a Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure, the realization that “we are not alone” is only the beginning.

6) THE ANONYMOUS An exploration into the witness testimony of a highly controversial alleged ex-CIA operative who claims, through his military and intelligence career, to have been exposed to realities and technologies of an Extraterrestrial nature. A cosmic whistleblower, who was threatened for over a decade to not break his silence. This “deathbed confession” was featured as official witness testimony at the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure at the National Press Club in Washington DC last year, and has caused hot debate within the intelligence and UFO communities.

Lecture: The CIA, Off-World NanoTechnology and Bob Lazar Update

Jeremy will be lecturing with his business and creative partner, Reuben Langdon. He will cover updates regarding his Investigative Filmwork into the CIA and UFOs, Off-World NanoTechnology and Bob Lazar. Then, he and Reuben will be presenting highlights of some of the best footage from the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure.