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Luigi-VendittelliBio: Luigi Vendittelli owns a promotion and marketing company in Montréal in Québec, Canada. He also has a founded a company that provides drone imagery called DroneVU.

Luigi has also been investigating UFOs in the Montréal area for decades. However, researching lights in the sky became mundane compared to the reports of alien contacts he began receiving. Although seemingly farfetched, Luigi began investigating these alleged cases of alien contact and he has found several of them to be very credible and compelling.


Lecture: E.T. Contacts and the Ariel School Incident

As a child, Emily Trim was a witness to one of the most extraordinary accounts of alien contact ever told. Along with many of her fellow students at the Ariel primary school near Ruwa, Zimbabwe, she saw a mysterious craft land behind the school. Strange beings then exited the craft and interacted with the children, several of whom received messages.

Emily’s experiences have had a profound effect on her life, and with the help of her friend, UFO and abduction researcher Luigi Vendittelli, she will share her experiences and the manner in which those messages manifest to this day. She has begun to draw and paint images and symbols that she will share with the audience, that she says represents the messages she received and may be continuing to be given.

This will be the first time Emily has shared her experience in the US to an audience.