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2014 International UFO Congress Speakers:

We are currently in the process of selecting speakers for the 2014 International UFO Congress. Speakers will be posted as soon as they’re confirmed. You can view this last year’s speakers below.

In no particular order…

Alain Boudier

Alain Boudier (credit: 3AF Sigma Commission on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena: Alain Boudier graduated at the International Business Schools ESSEC and INSEAD in France, working later in the chemical industry and as Economics Attaché of the French Government. He joined the Aeronautical & Astronomical Association of France, known as the 3AF, in 1988, becoming in 2008 the President of the 3AF’s Sigma Commission on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Mr. Boudier will present the results of this important, high-level study of UFOs.

Jason Martell

Ancient Astronauts & The Lost Cycle of Time: For over 15 years, Jason Martell has been one of the leading researchers and lecturers specializing in ancient civilization technologies. In his presentation, Martell will explore how most ancient cultures speak of a time when their gods visited them—they never say their gods came from across the ocean, or from the mountains, they always came down from the skies. Was ancient man visited by gods or extraterrestrials? He will also discuss the “Knowledge Apocalypse”—disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e. the veil to be lifted.

Ben Hansen

Hosting the UFO Skywatch event with Night Optics USA: Ben Hansen is the lead investigator and host of SyFy’s hit TV show, Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. Among its many other paranormal topics, the show focuses on investigating videos and photos claiming to demonstrate evidence of UFO, alien visitation, and abduction. After obtaining degrees in Sociology and Criminology, Hansen went on to pursue a career in criminal investigation. Working in both private and public sectors, Hansen gained several years of experience with various agencies, including the FBI. With his lifelong interest in ufology and training in forensic interviewing, investigation methodology, and the behavioral sciences, Hansen found an opportunity to help create a television show centered on answering the primary question, “Was it real?”

Join Hansen and Night Optics USA on Friday March 1st for 2013 IUFOC skywatch. More details to be announced soon. Read more about Ben Hansen.

Marc D’Antonio

Photo and Video Anomalies: 2013 Update: Marc Dantonio, President of FX Models a special effects industry company, is MUFON’s Chief Photo and Video Analyst and has worked on UFO programs for a number of networks including Discovery, National Geographic, History Channel, and The Science channel, as a subject matter expert and visual effects creator. In his informal and light-hearted presentation, he will present an updated list of interesting photos and videos that appear to show UFOs, but in fact are mistaken identity. He will explore various artifacts produced by cameras through time exposures, flash photography, and more, and also explore astronomical phenomena, new technology and NASA footage that can often be mistaken for UFOs. The purpose is not primarily to debunk the footage, but to illustrate that we must be very hard on the data in order to find the holy grail of ufology: real evidence of extraterrestrial visitation.

Micah Hanks

The UFO Singularity:Micah Hanks has held a long fascination with the more unique scientific mysteries this world has to offer. A self proclaimed (but not self-righteous) skeptic, Micah works as a writer and radio personality in search of answers to life’s enduring mysteries. He has contributed articles and stories regarding strange phenomenon, scientific discoveries and political topics to magazines like FATE Magazine, Fortean Times, Mysteries Magazine, UFO Magazine, TCS Daily, The Journal of Anomalous Sciences, Intrepid Magazine, New Dawn, and several others. Hanks has also appeared on numerous television and radio programs, including Travel Channel’s Weird Travels program, National Geographic’s Paranatural, the History Channel’s Guts and Bolts, CNN Radio, The Jeff Rense Program, and a variety of other shows and podcasts. Hanks is also the host of the popular podcast The Gralien Report. The traditional modern approach to the study of UFO phenomenon has, for many decades now, largely involved the study of reports of anomalous aerial phenomenon, as well as the history associated with such mysteries. But as new innovations in the sciences continue to bring humanity closer to a point where the potential for such things as artificial, greaterthan-human-intelligence exists in our midst, perhaps we can begin to look at prospects for the future that may begin to unravel more about the mysterious elements often associated with UFOs. Micah’s new book, The UFO Singularity, deals with this approach to the study of anomalous aerial phenomenon, which will also be the focus of his presentation.

David Hatcher Childress

David Hatcher ChildressTesla, UFOs, and Atlantean Technology: David Hatcher Childress, known as the real-life Indiana Jones to the many fans of his books, is a captivating speaker and the author or coauthor of over 20 books. He has traveled the world several times over, seeking adventure and the answers to the mysteries of mankind’s past. After more than 30 years of investigating these arcane subjects, Childress finds his unique views and ideas gaining popularity. Among many other television appearances, Childress is currently a co-star on the History Channel Show Ancient Aliens, which is now in its fourth season.

Grant Cameron

Consciousness and UFOs: Talking to Aliens: In a 1950 Top Secret Canadian government memo it was reported that American officials had confirmed that flying saucers were real, it was the most highly classified subject in the country, and that the American officials were “investigating along quite a number of lines, which might possibly be related to the saucers such as mental phenomena.” In this lecture Grant Cameron will explore the UFO/mental phenomena connection. He will reveal how officials knew about the mental phenomena connection so early, why they chose to cover-up the connection, and why mental phenomena may be the key to unraveling the UFO mystery. He will further explore how the aliens have used the their mastery of mental phenomena to bring about a gradual disclosure of their presence, and to pass to society important messages about the state of the world and what we must do to survive as a species.Visit Grant’s website: Presidential UFOs

Richard Dolan

Author and historian Richard Dolan has firmly established himself as a leading contemporary UFO scholar. In 2000, Dolan published UFOs and the National Security State: An Unclassified History, Volume 1: 1941-1973, a book that Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell called, “a thorough and monumental undertaking.” Dolan followed up in 2009 with a second installment titled, UFOs and the National Security State: The Cover-Up Exposed, 1973-1991. In 2010, Dolan co-authored the book A.D. After Disclosure: The People’s Guide to Life After Contact with Hollywood producer and screenwriter Bryce Zabel. You can find out more about Richard at

Dr. Michael Dennin

The Real Physics of Space-Travel: Special and General Relativity Explained: Michael Dennin is a Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of California, Irvine. His research focuses on the emergent properties of complex materials, including biological systems. He spends a significant amount of time on science outreach, including appearances on the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens. His presentation will focus on questions such as: What does it really take to travel between the stars? Though many questions remain, we know much about the fundamental structures of space and time that constrains what is possible when it comes to space travel. The presentation will explore the physics of space travel, as governed by our understanding of the nature of space and time, in an accessible manner. It will also look at the common depictions of space travel in a wide range of situations and ask how they fit into our current understanding of the universe.

Ben McGee

Ben McGeeGalactic Deep Time, Xenoarchaeology, and the Case for Physical Artifacts as “First Contact”: Ben McGee is the Founder and Principal Research Scientist of Astrowright Spaceflight Consulting LLC and the resident scientist on the National Geographic Channel’s reality series, Chasing UFOs. In his presentation, he will discuss: With respect to the age of the galaxy and the probability of the evolution of extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI), Enrico Fermi famously asked the question, “Where are they?” referring to the apparent lack of ET activity in the galaxy, which the sciences have come to call the Fermi Paradox. In response, some speculate that the overt lack of evidence of ETI implies that Earth is subject to a sort of cosmic quarantine, known as the “galactic zoo” hypothesis. However, we now know that the galaxy is a very threatening place; with this in mind, it is entirely possible that the Fermi Paradox exists not by design but because natural or self-inflicted extinctions are far more common than we optimistically speculate. In this case, the concept of xenoarchaeology, the scientific study of artifacts of potential alien life and culture, takes on a role of centralized importance—as it is argued that humanity’s definitive “first contact” moment will involve evidence of alien life long since perished.

Paul Stonehill

Paul StonehillUFOs of Russia and USSR: Paul Stonehill is a Soviet-born American and International author, lecturer, consultant, broadcaster, and free-lance journalist whose areas of interest and published work include: UFOs and USOs, Soviet space exploration, Eurasian paranormal phenomena, psi-research, Soviet espionage, warfare and the mysteries of Russian and Ukranian history. In his highly visual presentation, Stonehill will uncover the dramatic history of alien visitations to Russia; the Russian space program and UFOs; military research of UFOs and USOs (unidentified submersible objects); the main Russian/USSR UFO cases to date; the Tunguska mystery; sightings by Russian cosmonauts; and much more.

Dolores Cannon

UFOs: A Different Perspective: Dolores Cannon is a hypnotherapist with over 50 years of experience. In her presentation, Dolores will discuss her new book The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth. There have been hundreds of thousands of people who have chosen to incarnate on Earth at the present time to use their energy to help with the transition into the New Earth. Extraterrestrials have an unexpected and surprising role to play at this unique time in history. Are you one of the three waves? Find out more at

James Fox

UFO Film Making: The Inside Scoop: Documentarian James Fox provides a rare look into the making of three UFO films, the 2007 National Press Club event with Leslie Kean, and what happens when you’re in the backseat of production on a National TV show (National Geographic’s Chasing UFOs. James began his journalism career early in life as an assistant to father/writer Charles Fox, a quadriplegic with multiple sclerosis. Together they travelled on many magazine assignments from Rolling Stone and Car & Driver to Sports Illustrated. James finished and sold his first documentary to Discovery by the time he was 28. He has since completed five films for the likes of SyFy and History Channel and has made frequent appearances on the Larry King Show, Night Line, Dateline, Anderson Cooper, and others. His latest film, I Know What I Saw is being distributed by A&E and Content Films International.

Stanton Friedman

A New Look at the Cosmos: For over 40 years, nuclear physicist and author Stanton Friedman has been lecturing about flying saucers worldwide. In his presentation, Friedman opines that we have learned a great deal about space and the planets; however certain influential groups choose to ignore the technological information which sheds new light on interstellar travel. Friedman will explore the evidence and address how the debunking community fails to consider the feasibility of this travel because once one knows about nuclear fusion, nearby planetary systems become in reach.

Nick Pope

UFO Files from the UK Government: Nick Pope worked for the UK Ministry of Defense for 21 years. Though bestknown for having run the British government’s UFO project, he has held a number of other fascinating posts in the course of his career. In his presentation, Pope will give his final, definitive assessment of the five-year program to declassify and release the entire archive of UK Ministry of Defense UFO files. Having worked on these files, been involved in the release program and being the media’s go-to guy for this story, Pope lifts the lid on the process and reveals the inside story: what’s been released, what hasn’t been released and how the story has been “spun” for the media and the public. Find out more at

Barbara Lamb, MS MFT CH

ET/Human Hybrids: Are They Real and Are They Here?: Since 1991, Barbara Lamb has been hypnotically regressing individuals who have had encounters with extraterrestrial beings. From her more than 2100 regressions, she has discovered that many of these encounters involve participating in a reproductive program orchestrated by the extraterrestrials, from which hybrid offspring emerge. Richly illustrated with forensic pictures of hybrids described by experiencers, Lamb will show examples of early stage, middle stage, and late stage hybrid beings. She will also show photos of human-looking hybrids who live among us here on earth, some of whom she personally knows. In addition, she will discuss how the hybrids beings are created, why they are created, the positive and the negative aspects of their living with us, and the significance of this highly controversial program. More information can be found at her website:

John Greenewald Jr.

A Common Sense Reality Check on the UFO Phenomenon: : For more than 16 years and since the age of 15, television producer/director John Greenewald, Jr. has investigated government secrets with the use of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). With more than 3,000 FOIA requests to nearly every government and military office that exists, Greenewald will pull together the best evidence of the UFO existence. With the use of common sense and the human concept of reality, Greenewald will explore the ins and outs of the phenomena. Find out more at The Black Vault.

Dr. Leo Sprinkle

Memories of an ET Experiencer and Spiritual Pigtailer: Dr. Leo Sprinkle has devoted a great deal of his life’s work to exploring the paranormal and the UFO phenomenon. Besides being a licensed psychologist for more than 50 years, Sprinkle is one of the first psychologists to use hypnotic regression to study individuals who claim to have extraterrestrial encounters. Often standing up against demoralizing ridicule from colleagues, Dr. Sprinkle has walked a challenging road between the worlds of traditional academia and his ongoing studies in ufology, extraterrestrial encounters, reincarnation, and cosmic consciousness. In his presentation, this Dr. Sprinkle will share some of his most profound memories in this field.

Dr. Roger Leir w/ Steven Colbern

Alien Implants, The Tip of the Iceberg: Dr. Leir is one of the world’s most important leaders in physical evidence research involving the field of Ufology. He and his surgical team have performed fifteen surgeries on alleged alien abductees. This resulted in the removal of sixteen separate and distinct objects suspected of being alien implants. These objects have been scientifically investigated by some of the most prestigious laboratories in the world including Los Alamos National Labs, New Mexico Tech, Seal Laboratories, Southwest Labs, the University of Toronto, York University, and the University of California at San Diego. Dr. Leir is a Podiatric Surgeon, who has been in private practice in Ventura County, California, for the past 43 years. Dr. Leir anticipates performing more surgeries in the future and is investigating the physiological and biological aspects of the Alien abduction phenomenon. Find out more about Dr. Leir at

Steven ColbernSteve Colbern is a Chemist/Materials Scientist with 20 years of industrial experience. He is currently working in the area of carbon nanotubes. Colbern has recently analyzed several alleged alien implants that Dr. Roger Leir has removed from his patients, and has uncovered startling findings.

Ret. Lt. Jon Dover and Sgt. Stanley Milford Jr. – Navajo Rangers

UFOs Over Native American Reservation Lands: Jonathan Dover and Stanley Milford provide law enforcement, public education, preventive patrols, and regulatory enforcement to the reservation as Navajo Rangers. And they keep open minds when unique cases come forward. Their investigations have included UFO sightings, paranormal cases, and big foot. Examining these occurrences has led to an array of skepticism from other law enforcement agencies. This year we are honored to have them join us as speakers. They will share with us various cases and investigations they’ve done while involved with the Rangers.

While the Rangers only investigate cases on the reservation, their dedication is a first step in the right direction. We can only hope that more official law enforcement organizations will begin to take a page out of their book and recognize cases of the unknown deserve a serious look as well. Open Minds interviewed Dover and Milford about their experiences investigating the paranormal and you can watch that video here: Navajo Rangers Interview

Jason McClellan & Maureen Elsberry – Spacing Out!

Top UFO & Space news of 2012: Jason McClellan is an editor and staff writer for Open Minds magazine. Jason is also the producer and co-host of the weekly web series Spacing Out!, web content manager and staff writer for, and co-organizer and technical producer of the International UFO Congress. Follow Jason on Twitter @acecentric and subscribe to Jason’s updates on Facebook

Jason and Maureen will be opening the conference presenting their top UFO and space news picks from 2012.

Maureen Elsberry is the Marketing Director, co-host of Spacing Out!, and Co-organizer of the International UFO Congress. She is also a contributing writer for and Open Minds magazine. With a degree in Journalism and Media Production, Maureen has spent over 9 years working in Internet Media, Marketing and Radio. She now spends her time investigating, reporting and spreading news related to the UFO phenomenon. Follow Maureen on Twitter: @maureenelsberry or subscribe to her public updates on Facebook here: Maureen OpenMinds.

And hosted by Lee Speigel

Lee Speigel Lee Speigel has been presenting UFO stories to the public since 1975, when he produced and wrote a documentary record album, “UFOs: The Credibility Factor,” for CBS Inc. It marked the first time that military and scientific voices came together to disclose their personal UFO encounters and to call for government recognition of the phenomenon. In 1978, Speigel’s second attempt at UFO disclosure took place on a world stage when he became the only person in history to produce a milestone presentation on UFOs at the United Nations. Between 1978 and 1986, Speigel produced, wrote and hosted nearly 1,500 local and national programs on NBC Radio, dealing with UFOs and unexplained phenomena. In 1978, Speigel became one of the first media personalities – through his NBC Radio features – to bring public awareness of the now-legendary 1947 Roswell, NM, UFO crash. Since 2010, Speigel has written hundreds of stories about UFOs and unexplained phenomena for The Huffington Post, and in 2012, he was honored with the International UFO Congress Researcher of the Year award.

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